In the studio: Meet our jeweler

In the studio: Meet our jeweler

After searching the globe for jewelers, we met a fourth generation jeweler who along with his siblings took over the family business from their parents. Their great-grandfather was a metalsmith and their parents started this business over 20 years ago, producing for notable fine jewelry brands around the world. They are a generation of jewelers who honor the traditional craftsmanship of fine jewelry making while embracing modern, innovative and sustainable practices. Their craftsmanship and quality are evident from the moment we first saw and held the samples they made for us, but over a year of wear-testing, visits and getting to know each other, we consider them partners and friends. You can read more about the process of how we make jewelry, but we thought we'd share what took us across the globe to find our jewelers and why we work with them:
When we first started our search for a jeweler to make our designs, we thought that it’s not where it’s made that’s important but who makes it and how. But as we started asking why and visiting jewelers, metal refineries and gem cutters, we discovered that location IS important. Finding a jewelry producer who’s located at the forefront of the world’s fine jewelry production is important because of the close proximity to skilled craftsmanship and access to high-quality raw materials like precious metals and gems. That means our gem cutters are a few blocks from the production studio, the metal refineries are just a few hours away and the facility where we sustainably cast our jewelry is within a 15-minute drive. And that's what took us across the globe to find our production studio in Shenzhen, China. We think it’s a hidden gem with leading fine jewelry brands manufacturing their jewelry there and it’s one of the most innovative and green cities in China. Along with being at the forefront of fine jewelry production, it has quickly become a major metropolitan city and the epicenter of technology and start-ups and innovative manufacturing. With this growth, the city has also embraced progressive policies for sustainable manufacturing and production.
Shared vision and long-term partnership:
At first, finding a jewelry producer who felt like a natural extension of our own business felt like finding a needle in a haystack until we met our current jewelry producers. They weren’t interested in a quick sale and were selective in taking on clients who they trusted and considered long-term partners - and so were we. It’s without a doubt that they are passionate about jewelry, but they also believed in our vision: that the choices in how we produce and introduce our products are a means of impacting the world.
Innovative and sustainable approach:
While they have decades of experience of fine jewelry craftsmanship, they also embrace innovation and sustainable practices in making jewelry like using 3D printing technology in their production process, working with new materials like lab-created gems, using recycled precious metals and casting their jewelry in a sustainable way that minimizes pollution to our water system. 
Small quantity production:
There are two main reasons why it’s important for us to produce in limited and considered quantities. The first, as an independent business we couldn’t afford to tie up our resources in inventory. The second, small batch production minimizes waste and it also means we don’t mark-up our prices for future discounting due to inventory overages like with mass-produced products. Most jewelry producers we met were unwilling to take on a small client and had large minimum order quantities. Typically, most manufacturers work with brands who have adopted a wholesale business model or large brands that can accommodate these large quantities, but the owners approached this industry norm with an open mind and saw merit in our approach.
Fine jewelry experience and commitment to quality:
The owners are 4th generation jewelers, siblings who took over the family business. Their great-grandfather was a metalsmith and their parents started producing fine jewelry for notable brands over 20 years ago. We stress tested their samples for a year before we even moved forward in our production discussion (that alone was a challenge for finding the right production partner) and after spending time with them and their jewelers, visiting their production studio, and learning about their process, it was evident that their knowledge comes from extensive experience making fine jewelry and understanding that it’s this attention to detail that makes the difference. 

Commitment to their employees:
Fine jewelry craftsmanship takes a specific skill set honed from experience. Beyond that, the owners believe that how their team of employees is treated is a win-win for everyone. They are a family business and they also treat everyone who works for them as their family. They believe that employee morale has a direct correlation with the quality level of what they make and happier and more committed employees mean better products. But aside from business motivations and above all else, the owners believe that as humans we simply should be respecting one another.
The truth is, it wasn’t hard to find a manufacturer that satisfied any one of the things on our must-have list but the challenge was finding a jewelry producer who met all of our criteria. We're not trying to be lofty over here, but all this came about organically in our search to simply find the most direct way of making quality jewelry.  

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