Jewelry designers we love

Jewelry designers we love

As a female-founded business, I'm proud to be part of the community of women who empower and uplift each other. But as I look within our industry, there seems to be an aura of unspoken competition. I'm not sure where it comes from but for me, jewelry is a reflection of my personal style and mood and I love that I can mix different pieces and brands together to reflect that. So in the spirit of community over competition and supporting ladies who are amazing at their craft, I want to showcase three jewelry designers whose brands I admire and pieces I'm coveting.
Corrine Anestopoulos is the designer behind Biko, with each piece the epitome of modern nostalgia. Her designs are an artistic combination of modern silhouettes and vintage inspiration. She’s a fellow Canadian (and also based out of Toronto) and one of the OG e-commerce jewelry entrepreneurs who embraced setting up shop online early on and has been a source of inspiration and mentor for many jewelry designers.
2. Seaworthy
Designed by Marisa Howard, her jewelry are works of modern art. Her bold shapes and use of negative space lends to the contemporary designs that are statement-making yet feels minimalist. Based in Portland, Oregon, each piece is produced using sustainable manufacturing practices, something we value and admire.
We first discovered WKNDLA, a Los Angeles brand designed by Cindy Hsu Zell, at West Coast Craft on a recent trip to San Francisco and it was love at first sight. You may already be familiar with her to-die-for wall hangings, but Cindy also launched a line of jewelry inspired by the playful and architectural elements of her sculptures. Her pieces feel fresh with a sense of whimsy.   
J&A loves:
Coba Mobile Earrings (they are literally works of art inspired by Alexander Calder and Henri Matisse)
Arc Bolo Necklace

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