The Lobe Down: May

The Lobe Down: May

With the onset of brighter days and an appreciation for the simple joys, we’re looking forward to refreshing for Spring while staying at home. 

This month’s The Lobe Down is curated by our founder Grace and features the low down on what’s top of mind and inspiring us for May. 

1. WEAR A caftan instead of sweats is genius, Out of Office.

2. READ May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month & this article from Refinery29 resonates. To this day my mom still does the same (her oranges are not only peeled but pristine without any trace of piths), and I literally just peeled an apple for my kiddos an hour ago.

3. DO The Ikebana challenge from @mybloomist, discovered via @studiomondine. I’m imagining what I can do with the Forsythia in my garden.

4. DRINK Water but only from the fanciest of cup you own (it’s the little things). Image: Mark Adams, Still Life of Glass of Water, 1981

5. EAT Cheese boards (for anyone sick of cooking).
Image via Pinterest

6. DESIGN Lately, I’ve been wearing a simple gold chain passed down from my mom and the double clasp in the back has inspired a new design I’m working on.

7. LOBES Simple combinations repeated to make an impact. How-to here.

8. MUSINGS Celery is the new green onion.

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