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New Packaging
Rethinking our unboxing experience and single-use packaging. Introducing the Jewels & Aces Book Box.
A hidden place for treasured objects.
A decorative object.
An inconspicuous addition to a bedside table.
A home for everyday adornments.

As a predominantly online company, our packaging is often the first impression of our brand. In opening your Jewels & Aces order, I hope it’s an experience that surprises and delights, but I want it to reflect our values too (you can read about how we produce our jewelry here).

We've been intentionally using recycled materials in our packaging and don’t include extraneous things like promotional cards or paper invoices or packing slips that can be accessed online. We even offer a minimal shipping option. But the question I kept coming back to was - does it matter that we use recycled materials if at the end of the day our jewelry box is single use? It’s not technically single use, it’s a paper jewelry box that you can store your jewelry in but the feedback from our customers is that they don’t use it after it gets shipped.

So I started thinking, maybe a better way of packaging our jewelry is creating something that’s not packaging at all, but something beautiful yet functional, that’s meant to be kept and a special place for your earring capsule and other treasured pieces you wear on the regular.

The result: The Jewels & Aces Book Box. Inspired by books with a secret compartment carved out of its pages to hide treasures. In particular, one I found camouflaged on my dad’s shelf when I went to borrow a book. But reimagined as an object of decor, an inconspicuous addition to a bedside table, a home for everyday adornments.

To mimic the texture of hardcover book, the box is wrapped in linen and printed with the most minimal gold deboss of our logo. On the inside, is a cushion of soft microfibre commonly used as a vegan suede alternative. It serves double duty for protecting from scratches and as a quick wipe when you insert your pieces in the slots (we still recommend you clean your jewelry with a soft cloth every so often). There are also plenty of spots for growing your earring capsule and other personal pieces you wear on the regular.

Our jewelry book box is included on sets of 4-pieces or more. For any purchases of individual pieces or duo sets, your jewelry will be minimally packed in a reusable velvet storage pouch.

As for the rest of our packaging, we’ll continue to use our 100% recycled kraft mailers and keep unnecessary waste at a minimal. We’ll also start phasing out our jewelry care card and instead, email you a link to this information. We continually assess how we can improve our packaging. If you have any ideas, we'd love to know.