Ways to Wear: Asymmetrical

Style Guide
Ways to Wear: Asymmetrical

Style tips for mismatched lobes.

We’re all for asymmetrical lobes
it means double the canvas to get creative. All the pieces in the Earring Capsule are designed to work together so your earrings look intentional even when they’re not matching. Just close your eyes, choose any combination and it will work. Too vague? Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:
1. Subtle Asymmetry

Pick a pair of studs and a pair of jackets. On one lobe, wear the jackets in front of the lobe, on the other lobe, wear the jackets behind the lobe.
2. Party on the left,
business on the right

Emphasize your asymmetrical lobes. Go extra on one side, with a minimal and single matching stud on the other.