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In pursuit of everyday creativity

Jewels & Aces celebrates the creative spirit and the everyday moments of creating. Inspired by the delight of making something your own, we’re reimagining jewelry as a tool for creativity.

“Reimagining jewelry as a tool for creativity”

the earring capsule

We started with reinventing earrings through our original concept, The Earring Capsule. A collection of interchangeable ear pieces to mix, match and effortlessly create looks that transform with your mood and style. We believe your lobes are a canvas for self-expression and with the creativity in your hands, each piece is meant to be collected and an evolving collaboration with you.
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Craftsmanship & Sustainability

For us, craftsmanship and sustainability go hand in hand. Designed in our Toronto studio, The Earring Capsule is our original concept rooted in sustainable design to maximize wear for years to come. Each piece is made from recycled 14K gold and sterling silver by fine jewellers we know and love.

Our Story


A few years ago, I significantly pared down my wardrobe. I was tired of having a full closet yet feeling like I had nothing to wear. I soon rediscovered that with less clothes, I found joy in the creativity and ease of getting dressed again.
When it came to earrings, my accessory of choice, my jewelry box was overflowing but I’d end up wearing the same pair everyday. I couldn’t find anything that matched my minimalist style while satisfying my creative bent that sense of delight when you make something your own. And that’s how the Earring Capsule was born.
My love of jewelry came from my mom and the women in our family who told and passed down stories through their favorite pieces. These same women also instilled their passion for paving their own way and taught me the power of personal style, that the mix of dressing with ease, for yourself and with creativity is a magic formula for feeling confident in what you wear. My hope for Jewels & Aces is that our jewelry can be that for you.

Grace Wong, Founder & Designer