From our founder
Grace Wong

I’m an earring enthusiast. For as long as I can remember, the women in my family told and passed down stories through jewelry and I’ve always had a particular penchant for earrings.
But it wasn’t until embracing a lean closet that brought me back to this passion and how I got the idea for creating the Earring Capsule. With a smaller wardrobe, I found my personal style. I was delighted that the simplicity (and ease) of less inspired more creativity in how I dressed. Though, when it came to jewelry there was nothing that matched my new approach to clothes and that’s how the Earring Capsule was born.

Along with their love of jewelry, these strong women, especially my mom, passed along their passion for entrepreneurship and taught me the power of personal style. What I’m most excited about is seeing how you make the Earring Capsule your own and connecting through our shared love of earrings.
In my earring capsule
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