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Jewels & Aces was born from the ethos that simplicity inspires creativity. Founded by self-taught designer Grace Wong and based in Toronto, Canada, the brand launched this summer with The Earring Capsule, a collection that features interchangeable earrings that can be mixed, matched, deconstructed, and worn multiple ways. The design concept is similar to a capsule wardrobe and was inspired by Wong's own lean closet mission to consume less without sacrificing personal style. 

Quote from Grace:
“A few years ago, I started ruthlessly editing my closet and what I ended up with was a capsule wardrobe of sorts, but without the rules. I found it easier to express my style with fewer pieces. For me, jewelry is the ultimate form of self-expression so I was inspired to create a collection that mimicked my approach to getting dressed; with pieces that are versatile, not because they're basic, but because they could transform with my mood and style.”
Jewels & Aces pieces are made from premium and responsible materials, including recycled precious metals and lab-created gems and quality crafted to be enduring. Each design in the collection is priced under $100 and exclusively sold through its e-commerce website,
The Collection

Designed to be seasonless, our core collection, The Earring Capsule, features earring studs and jackets that can be customized with effortless creativity. The line originally launched with eight designs that could create over 36 different looks and has grown to include pearl designs that have already sold out once and modern hoops, which are launching later this month. "I only introduce new designs when they're pieces that really evolve the collection, not for the sake of a new release. I want to keep the collection edited like a lean wardrobe." says Wong. 

Of note:
How to wear:
  • Ear jackets are secured to the lobes with earring studs.
  • Wear the ear jackets behind the lobes, in front, or layered together. 
  • Earring studs can be worn on their own. 
  • Style the earrings asymmetrically.
  • Pair with personal heirloom favorites for a modern update.

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Fact Sheet
Founder & designer: Grace Wong
Launched: June 2018
Location: Designed in Toronto, Canada
Collection: The Earring Capsule, customizable collection of earring studs and jackets. View collection here
Materials: Custom cast from original designs and made from premium and responsible materials including recycled 14K gold, sterling silver, and lab-created gems. 
Price point: Individual pieces range from $49-$59. Earring Capsule sets are also available. 
Instagram: @jewelsandaces

Conscious Values
Jewels & Aces is mindful of the environmental and social impact of its choices and continually evaluates these efforts. These values are approached holistically throughout the company.

Highlights include:

Premium and responsible materials: Each piece is handmade to be enduring and custom cast in recycled precious metals and lab-created gems, rather than mined materials.

Supply chain: We work directly with family-owned fine jewelers, metal refineries and gem cutters that we personally know, respect and share the same values with. Prior to launching the brand, Wong spent over a year and a half meeting our partners and building our unique supply chain. 

Water: Our jewelry is cast at a facility dedicated to sustainable casting. The water used in the casting process is properly treated before it re-enters the water stream and also resued back in the facility. Metal particles are filtered and then recycled at nearby metal refineries.

Limited quantity production: Designs are produced in small and considered quantities to reduce wastage and also allows to be priced without the markups for inventory overages and future discounts that you often see with mass-produced products

See our website & journal for more details
Founder Bio
Grace Wong is the designer and founder of Jewels & Aces. Her passion for the intangible and nostalgic value of jewelry was the impetus for leaving a career in finance to pursue jewelry design. Along with being a self-taught designer, she’s also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and mixed media artist who lives in Toronto with her husband and their two young children.

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