We believe our choices make a difference and we take a conscious and holistic approach to making decisions affecting our business, people and planet. As sustainability is a term that can have different meanings to different people, we wanted to share how we put our values into practice. It is our hope that sustainably-made products (jewelry and beyond) are the norm, rather than a selling feature. It’s a goal we strive towards and we continually question our own efforts to produce responsibly.
Intentional design and limited quantities

Our collection is intentionally designed to be cohesive, versatile and multifunctional. Designed in our Toronto studio with an obsession for thoughtful details, each release builds on the previous yet is distinct on its own. Our approach means our jewelry can be worn season after season and made to last and be collected.

Each design is produced in small and considered quantities. This results in less wastage and also allows us to price our jewelry without the mark-ups for inventory overages and anticipated future discounts that you often see in traditional retail.

Premium, eco-friendly materials

In efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, we make our jewelry from premium recycled precious metals, including 14K gold and sterling silver, and lab-created gems.

Our precious metals are sourced directly from a refinery that works with recycled metals in producing high-quality 14K gold and sterling silver. The beauty of using premium precious metals is that they can be recycled perpetually without diminishing its quality.

Our lab created stones are responsible alternatives to mined gems that don’t compromise the sparkle. They include white sapphires and cubic zirconia. We focus on sourcing the highest quality stones where each one starts as a lab-created raw gem that is near flawless in clarity. Each facet is then precision cut for balance, symmetry and optimal light refraction for maximum sparkle and brilliance.

Clean water metal casting

Our jewelry is custom cast rather than made from prefabricated materials so it’s traceable and we can ensure our quality from start to finish. However, the process of casting jewelry can have a negative impact on our environment. In particular, the water used in casting contains waste and chemicals that are harmful to our ecosystem if not properly treated. We intentionally cast our jewelry at a specialized facility that properly treats the water used in the casting process before it enters the water stream again. The water is also reused back at the facility and metal particles are filtered and then recycled at nearby refineries.

Quality craftsmanship and where we’re made

We partner and work directly with jewelers who share our values on ethics, sustainability and craftsmanship. They are a family-owned studio and experts in the industry, with decades of experience crafting fine jewelry for independent brands locally and around the world. Merging innovation and technology with traditional fine jewelry making, our designs are 3D printed to create the initial prototype, then handcrafted and finished by jewelers, stone setters, metalsmiths, and polishers.

Our jewelry is proudly made in Shenzhen, one of the leading cities for producing and purchasing fine jewelry and a city with progressive green standards.

The location not only allows us to work with like-minded suppliers, but also to build a localized supply chain within close proximity to each other.

Minimal packaging

We recently switched to minimal packaging as the default for how our jewelry is shipped. Each order is shipped with all components designed to be easily included in household recycling.

The exception is our jewelry book box. While our previous jewelry box was made with recycled materials - it was still a mainly single use vessel (based on feedback from our customers). So we started rethinking a better way of packaging our jewelry by creating something that would go beyond that. The result: a linen wrapped box designed to mimic the texture of a hardcover book that’s meant to be kept. Designed as a functional yet delightful place to store your earring capsule with room for other everyday favorites. We hope it’s an incognito and beautiful addition to wherever you keep your jewelry.