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Our Jewellers
We searched the globe for jewelry producers and quickly learned that it’s not where it’s made that’s important but who makes them and how.

Together with our manufacturers, we’ve made a commitment to make beautiful jewelry that is handcrafted to be enduring and consciously crafted. Our partners are located in Guangzhou, the capital of the Guangdong province in Southern China. We’ve partnered with a new generation of talented jewellers who are just as passionate about producing high quality pieces, who share our values on ethical production and responsible materials and with an open mind to doing things differently from industry norms. A generation of producers who honor the traditional craftsmanship of fine jewelry-making while embracing modern innovation.

While Made in China manufacturing is often generalized with low quality and mass production, our jewelry partner is a woman-owned business producing for independent fine jewelry brands around the world.

These brands are mainly in Europe and North America, although there’s been a steady increase in production for emerging Chinese designers making their mark in the fine jewelry industry. When we first met the owner, she explained that although her team is small, with just under 50 employees, they produce high quality jewelry efficiently and consistently because she believes in investing in her employees and innovation. She attributes having skilled and happy employees, high employee retention and state-of-the art technology as the reason she's been able to grow her company and is proud that her employees have all had a hand in making this happen. We consider ourselves lucky that she agreed to take us on as a client and she's one of the reasons that for us, Made in China means expertly crafted and ethically made.

Our Process
The process of making our jewelry is the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Each collection is designed in-house in our studio in Toronto, Canada. From our sketches, precise measurements and details of each design are sent to our manufacturers and translated into computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. These CADs are used to 3D print a wax mold to cast each piece of jewelry. Leveraging 3D printing technology allows our designs to be produced efficiently, consistently and exact, where traditionally a wax mold would be carved by hand.

From the mold, the jewelry is casted and we rely on the skill and experience of metal smiths and stone setters to steam, polish and electroplate the setting and set each stone by hand. While we embrace modern innovation, we also honor the traditional craftsmanship of fine jewelry making where the skill and experience of these jewellers just can’t be replaced by technology. All finished pieces are then quadruple checked for quality assurance before it’s shipped to you: during production, after production, when it arrives at our studio and a final check during packaging and before it’s sent to you. 

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