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1. You can wear them so many different ways.

The versatility is endless. Mix, match and build your own earring looks with just a few pieces. Start with our Earring Sets, where 4-pieces create over 10 different looks.

2. Save $60 with Sets

You'll love the versatility and creativity of our Earring Capsule sets. With over 10 ways to wear each set, you'll never need other earrings again.

3. "The Ultimate Earring Set" - ELLE Magazine

Don't just take our word for it. See for yourself why Elle Magazine called it "The Ultimate Earring Set."

4. Sustainably made from recycled gold & silver

The Earring Capsule is made from premium recycled 14K gold and sterling silver as part of our commitment to sustainable design and production.

5. We Make It Easy To Find Your Perfect Earring Look

What pieces should I start with? How do I choose? Start by finding your personalized earring looks and build your Earring Capsule from there.

Which Earring Capsule is perfect for you?