Our Approach

We know our choices make a difference. We initially wanted to find the most direct way of making jewelry that met our quality standards, so we went straight to the sources; the jewelers, metal refineries, and gem cutters. Once we started asking questions and learning more about sustainable alternatives in materials and processes, it wasn’t a choice to be conscious once we knew the options were out there. It was more like, why would we do it any other way.
Who makes your jewelry matters
We work directly with jewelers who we have personally met. They are a family-owned business and experts in the industry, with decades of experience crafting fine jewelry for independent and global brands. We’ve visited and spent time with the owners, at their production studios and with their jewelers, stone setters, metalsmiths and polishers in awe of how they craft each piece by hand. While a clean and safe work environment and fair wages are a given, we believe craftmanship is beyond that. It’s about building a long-term partnership that is based on respect, trust, integrity and aligned values in making jewelry we're proud of while exploring sustainable and innovative options.

Premium and responsible gems
We use lab created stones that are responsible alternatives to mined gems but don’t compromise the sparkle. They are conflict-free since there’s no question about their origination and also without the human and environmental concerns. Our stones are premium grade cubic zirconia. While not all cubic zirconia are created equal, we focus on sourcing only the highest quality stones. Each one starts as lab-grown raw gems that are near flawless in clarity. Each facet is then precision cut for balance, symmetry and optimal light refraction for maximum sparkle and brilliance.

Recycled Precious Metals
We’re committed to using premium precious metals like 14K gold and sterling silver. We source them directly from select refineries who produce high-quality metals. Our main refinery uses 100% recycled precious metals and each piece of our jewelry is sustainably cast.

Sustainable Casting
The water used to cast jewelry contain waste that is harmful to our ecosystem if not properly treated. Our jewelry is cast at a facility which prioritizes sustainable practices to ensure that the water used in the casting process is properly treated before it enters the water stream again. The water is also reused back in the facility and metal particles are filtered and then recycled at nearby metal refineries.

Limited quantity production
Our collections are produced in small and considered quantities. This results in less wastage and also allows us to price our jewelry without the mark-ups for inventory overages and future discounts that you often see with mass-produced products.

Intentional Design
The core of what we do is bringing you designs that are refined and versatile - the pieces that feel of-the-moment yet timeless. Our jewelry is designed in our Canadian studio in Toronto with an obsession for thoughtful details and a commitment to quality and how it's made. As an independent business, our collection is intentionally edited and we only introduce designs that we can’t live without and not for the sake of frequent new releases to encourage sales. It’s about making pieces that you want to wear and keep.  

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