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A few years ago, I looked at my overflowing jewelry box and thought: Why am I wearing the same earrings every day when I have all this stuff? That sparked the idea for The Earring Capsule.

Inspired by the women in my family who passed down stories about our Chinese heritage and culture through jewelry, I left my career in accounting and started Jewels & Aces.

Since then, our community has shared in the joy of creativity and sense of delight that comes from finding new ways to wear their Earring Capsule and making it their own. It’s clear that what started as an idea to simplify my jewelry box has become something more. At Jewels & Aces, we’re reimagining jewelry for creative expression with a deep belief that the power of personal style is what makes us unique and also connects us. 

Welcome to Jewels & Aces. I hope you love your Earring Capsule and it inspires some creative combinations that share your point of view. 


Grace Wong

Founder & Designer

The sense of delight
from making something yours,
as unique as you are.

Jewels & Aces was created to celebrate the power of personal style through jewelry.


The Earring Capsule®
An ever-evolving collection of buildable and interchangeable earrings to mix & match for endless combinations. Our designs are original and custom designed where proportions and details are meticulously considered so that all pieces fit together seamlessly. It means you can mix & match with confidence.

How we do it

Where design, quality & sustainability go hand in hand.

Giving back
Office Hours
I'm grateful to the women who have shared their time and knowledge to help me grow Jewels & Aces. I'm passionate about paying it forward and helping other woman founders & designers through mentor sessions we call Office Hours.

Learn more or Apply for Office Hours here.