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Jewels & Aces Promo Codes & Discounts

Looking for a Jewels & Aces discount? Can't find a Jewels & Aces promo code that works? That's because we don't run sales and discounts on our jewelry.
Here's what we do instead:

We offer $60 off sets which is available all year round. You can shop curated sets or build your own. We offer this bundle pricing because we think you'll love your earrings more with the versatility and creativity of a set and the costs we save from shipping multiple pieces are passed onto you. 
Why we don't have discounts and promo codes:

We try to keep our prices consistent so our customers know what to expect when they add to their collection. You can make your purchase with confidence that you won't see it on sale later. By not offering discounts, our jewelry is priced carefully upfront meaning that we don't offset discounting with higher prices, and it ensures fair, responsible compensation for our employees and business partners while maintaining our high quality standards. 

At the same time, we're a small business and team of under 5 full-time employees and discounting year-round isn't sustainable for us and we don't want to sacrifice the quality of our jewelry. Our pieces are made from premium recycled 14K gold and sterling silver (without nickel and any low-quality or toxic base metals mixed in) as part of brand commitment to sustainability and responsible production.
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