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Sterling Silver

Prefer the collection in Silver?

Mix & match with confidence


We use recycled 14K gold and sterling silver. Our premium precious metals do not contain nickel or other toxic, low-quality metals.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, our jewelry is made from recycled gold and silver by fine jewelers we know and love.


Our custom designs meticulously consider all proportions and details so all earring studs and jackets fit together perfectly. It means you can mix, match, and layer with effortless creativity.


Our studs and earring jackets are interchangeable and can be worn multiple ways for endless versatility. You’ll love wearing your earrings every day without ever getting bored. 

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Frequently Asked

Our jewelry is made out of recycled gold and silver by fine jewelers we know and love, as part of our bigger commitment to sustainable and responsible production.

Our gold pieces are made from 14K gold vermeil, which is a thick layer of gold on sterling silver (thicker and more durable layer than regular gold plating), which means it's perfect for everyday wear.

Our silver pieces are made from sterling silver which is plated with rhodium for durability and shine.

Yes, you can wear them everyday (without getting bored since you can switch up your looks). They're made from high quality 14K gold and sterling silver that durable for daily wear. To clean, just wipe with the Cleaning Cloth Duo that comes with your order. See more jewelry care tips here.

As our earrings can detach for interchangeability, we recommend taking them off before showering, swimming and exercising to avoid losing any pieces. If you happen to shower with them, no problem, just pat them dry.

Our earring studs and jackets are designed to perfectly fit together so that any combination you create looks intentional and like one piece, but our jackets should fit most studs from your personal collection.

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