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Ways to Wear: Gold & Pearls

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Find inspiration for a modern take on the classic combination of Gold and Pearls. These looks are beautiful with a unique twist. They start with The Gold Standard set with include extra add-ons to create more combinations.

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Also, available in Sterling Silver.

Start with the Gold Standard Set. A favorite way to wear all the pieces is to pair the Ball Studs with the Chain Ear Jackets on the first piercing. On the second piercing, wear the Huggie Studs as suspenders and attach the other end of the Chains to it. Then attach the Bar Ear Jackets behind the lobe. Bonus Style Tip: Add the Essential Ear Cuff for an easy way to level up your earring look.

Switch out the Ball Studs for the Petite Pearl Studs for extra contrast.

Instead of the Chains, add the Pearl Duo Ear Jackets to the Petite Pearl Studs on the first piercing. Adding this ear jacket is an easy way to change up these everyday pearl studs to something unique. 

Double up the Circle Hoop Ear Jackets. Wear one jacket behind the lobe on the first piercing and wear the other one behind the lobe on the second piercing. Then, gently push them together until it overlaps to create this venn shape. We love creating this look with the Petite Pearl Studs and Ball Studs because the shapes perfectly compliment each other.

Keeping with the same idea of doubling your ear jackets, here we paired the same studs with the Bar Ear Jackets instead. This simple swap changed the look for a sleek combination.

Add the Chain Cuff Ear Jacket to take your Pearls to the next level. Here we paired the same Petite Pearl and Ball Studs with the Chain Ear Jackets and the Cuff for the perfect drape effect.

This look takes all the same pieces above and remixes them. On the first piercing is the Huggie Stud (worn as suspenders) paired with the Pearl Duo Ear Jackets. On the second piercing is the Petite Pearl Stud with the Chain Cuff Ear Jacket. By attaching the Chain Cuff to the second piercing and behind the lobe, it creates an unexpected moment. 

For an everyday pairing, we love the Petite Pearl Studs with the Stripe Studs. We also added the Circle Ear Jacket behind the lobe.

The Stripe Studs with the Arc Ear Jackets are meant for each other. Adding the Petite Pearl Stud adds a unique contrast to the look.

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