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Ways to Wear: The All-Star

10 ways to wear
The All-Star is the ultimate set for versatility and creativity. Guaranteed for effortless and elevated combinations, here we're sharing 10 favorite ways to wear the set.

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Wear the Solitaire Studs on their own as a chic and easy way to dress up your lobes.

Add the Bar Ear Jackets and wear them behind the lobe.

Add the Ball Studs on your second piercing. 

On the first piercing, attach the Chain Ear Jackets to the Solitaire Studs and attach the Bar Ear Jackets behind the lobe. On the second piercing, attach the other end of the Chain Ear Jackets to the Ball Studs behind the lobe.

Wear the Chain Ear Jackets with the Ball and Solitaire studs. Drape the Chains from the front of the lobe on the first piercing to behind the lobe on the second piercing to create this unique drape.

Wear both Ball Studs with 2x Chain Ear Jackets for an effortless and unexpected combination.

A classic combination, pair the Solitaire Studs with the Chain Ear Jackets.

Drape the Chain Ear Jackets with the Solitaire and Ball Studs.

Opt to keep it simple on the first piercing with the Solitaire Studs and create an unexpected moment on the second piercing with the Ball Studs and Bar Ear Jackets (worn behind the lobe).

Build on the previous combination by adding the Chain Ear Jackets to the first piercing for a unique curated look.