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Ways to Wear: Subtle Sparkle in Silver

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If you love a little subtle sparkle - just the right amount to elevate your look without being too much, these looks are for you. They start with The All-Star set with extra add-ons for creating more combinations.

You SAVE $60 with this set.

Also, available in Gold.

From the All-Star Set, wear the Ball Studs and Solitaire Studs on their own as a chic and easy way to dress up your lobes.

From the All-Star Set, add the Chain Ear Jackets and attach them to the front of the first piercing and to the back of the second piercing. Wear the Bar Ear Jackets behind the lobe on the second piercing. Bonus: Add the Essential Ear Cuff for an easy way to level up this ear look.

Switch out the Ball Studs for the Stripe Studs to change up the look. 

Or switch it for the Huggies instead and wear them as suspenders.

Keep it minimal, yet unique with just the Chain Ear Jackets.

Or switch the Chains for the Circle Hoop Ear Jackets to easily create a new look. Style Tip: To get this look, wear the Circle Ear Jackets behind the lobe on the second piercing and then push them downwards to make it look like it's attached to both studs. 

Layer the Circle Hoop Ear Jackets and the Bar Ear Jackets behind the lobe. Style tip: We styled the Stripe Studs vertically on the second piercing to balance the look. 

For something unexpected, wear the Pavé Huggie Studs as suspenders from the second piercing and add the Chain Ear Jackets. Style Tip: For unique combinations, create special moments on the second piercing rather than the first.

Or wear the Pavé Huggie Studs as huggies for the perfect everyday stack.

You can easily turn this into an all silver moment but switching the Pavé Huggies for the Huggie Studs.

Or opt for the Stripe Studs.

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