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10 Day Style Guide

With over 100 ways to mix and match the The Earring Capsule, we can’t wait to see how you make it your own. We also want to make it simple and effortless to get your creativity flowing and get started, so we created this style guide to show you 10 different ways to style any 4-piece capsule.

At the heart of it, this guide brings together our mission to approach sustainable design from a creative lens. We hope it inspires some creative combinations and helps you express your personal style through the Earring Capsule. 

Who is this for?

Anyone new to the Earring Capsule concept. Just got a new set? This is the perfect starting point.

Earring Capsule enthusiasts looking for new ideas to refresh the pieces they already have.

Get Started:

Start with a 4-piece earring capsule: Choose 2 studs and 2 ear jackets.

Style Tip: If you already own a set or two, pick your favorite pieces or choose the ones you don’t wear often to find new ways to wear what you have.

These were the pieces we chose for this Style Guide:

Emerald Cut Earring Studs
Petite Pearl Studs
Circle Hoop Ear Jackets
Bar Ear Jackets

Share your looks:

Tag us on Instagram @jewelsandaces, #10dayEarringCapsule so we can see your looks and reshare them. It’s also a great way to connect with other earring capsule enthusiasts and find lobe inspiration.
Style Ideas:

1. Behind the lobes
Pick a stud. Add a jacket and wear them behind the lobes.
2. Different studs, same jacket
Pair different studs on each lobe with the same jackets. For added interest, style one jacket behind the lobe and the other in front.
3. Double your jackets
On one lobe, choose a pair of jackets and double them. Try wearing one in front of your lobe and the other behind your lobe (like a sandwich) or if you have two piercings, wear a jacket on each.

What to wear on the other lobe? Try a single stud for contrast or repeat the look by doubling up the other set of jackets.
4. In front of the lobes
Pick a stud, add a jacket and wear them in front of the lobes.
5. Asymmetrical Studs
Studs only but make it asymmetrical.
6. Layered
Choose a stud, and layer two different jackets with them. A few ideas: try sandwiching the jackets on your lobes (see 3. above) or layering them on top of one another.
7. Same studs, different jackets
Choose a pair of studs and mix them with different jackets on each lobe.
8. Add your own
Choose heirloom studs or another favorite from your personal collection and mix it with an earring jacket. It's a creative way to refresh a piece you love but never wear.
9. Wear them all
Wear all 4 pieces together. On one lobe, pair a stud and a jacket. On the other lobe, pair the other stud and the other jacket.
10. Studs only
Keep it easy and minimal, pick a pair of studs and wear them on their own.
For more ways to wear the Earring Capsule, see our Style Guide.

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