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How to choose an Earring Capsule

The Earring Capsule collection has grown to 16 designs that can create 100’s of looks. You can shop by Quad Sets, Duos and Individual designs. But with so many options, how do you choose?

So we asked the experts, our customers (and earring enthusiasts) to share their experience and advice to help you choose your first capsule. Here are their top 4 tips:

Tip #1 Start with a 4-piece set

Our customers' unanimously recommend starting with an Earring Capsule Quad set and we do too. You'll get the most versatility and creativity, plus you save $60 and get free shipping. You can create your own or shop curated sets.

"I’ve never heard of an Earring Capsule so I ordered a stud/jacket first. When my package arrived, I loved it and immediately ordered more. I suggest ordering a 4-piece set from the start." Jessica L.

Tip #2 Choose 2 Jackets and 2 Studs

You can fully customize your Earring Capsule by creating your own set. We recommend getting 2 jackets and 2 studs to get the most combinations and looks out of your set.

"You won't regret which items you choose to start with because the options are endless. I'd pick two studs and two jackets to start (and work on collecting the rest because the concept is amazing!)" Monique S.

"I bought three studs and a jacket the first time but would recommend getting 2 jackets and 2 studs instead." Laura B. 

Tip #3 A curated set is the easiest way to go

To make it easier to choose, we've curated Earring Capsule sets by essentials and favorite looks for effortless and always perfect combinations.

"Get a curated set, it's the easiest way" Patricia B.

"Start with their curated sets for ideas. If there are any pieces you want to switch out, you can then build your own." Reena C.

"When I bought my Earring Capsule, they only had Essential sets. It made it easier to add new pieces when I already have a base to work from." Patricia B.

Tip #4 Start with a look you want to create

Find inspiration for looks you want to create through Browse by Looks and Instagram and then create your own Earring Capsule based on the look.

"Start with a look you want to create. I use their Instagram for inspo. Then get the pieces to recreate the look. Trust me, you'll find so many other ways to wear them." Laura S.