Ways to Wear: Double

Style Guide
Ways to Wear: Double

A creative and super easy way to wear your earring jackets on repeat.

Double up your ear jackets for an effortlessly creative way to wear The Earring Capsule. Easily recreate these looks with earring jackets you already own since the designs come in pairs.

1. Sandwich
Wear one jacket behind the lobe and one in front of the lobe. Secure them to the ear with your favorite studs.

2. Side by Side
Double your ear jackets on multiple piercings.

Trois Huggie Studs x2
Bar Ear Jackets x2

Style tip: On the first piercing, wear the earring jacket in front of the lobe, and behind the lobe on the second piercing.

Circle Hoop Ear Jackets x2
Ball Stud Earrings x2
What to wear on the other lobe?

We’re all for mismatched lobes. All the pieces in the Earring Capsule are designed to work together so your earrings will look intentional even when they’re not matching.

On the other lobe, try a single stud for an effortlessly asymmetrical look or double another earring jacket design for a balanced, yet unexpected combination.