Ways to Wear: Cuffs

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Ways to Wear: Cuffs

Two favorite ways to wear the Cuff Ear Jackets. 

A Note From Grace
My mom use to wear a gold signet ring with a emerald gem on it. It was a piece I’ve always admired and it represents one of my earliest memories about jewelry and the stories that they carry. So I looked to this beloved piece for influence and reimagined it as the Cuff Ear Jackets.

1. Pair them with your favorite studs.

I'm bias to wearing them with the Emerald Cut Studs because it reminds me of my mother's ring. But I also love it with the Solitaire Studs and Petite Pearl Studs.

2. Add more

Get even more creative and layer them with additional earring jackets for a personalized look.

Cuff Ear Jackets
Petite Pearl Studs
Pearl Duo Ear Jackets