Ways to Wear: Huggie Studs

Style Guide
Ways to Wear: Huggie Studs
Wear our most versatile studs as huggies or suspenders.
The Huggie Studs, in Pavé or 14K Goldwear them as huggies or suspenders simply by adjusting their position on your lobes.
1. Huggies

2. Suspenders

Wear upside down and suspend them from your inner ear.

Style Tip: If you're planning on wearing them as a suspenders, we recommend measuring the distance from your piercing to your inner ear to ensure it is less than 12mm (the length of the earring), to ensure it fits.

3. Across the lobe

Wear them sideways across the lobe giving off the illusion of a double piercing.

Style Tip: Push the earring backs extra tight to keep them in place on it's side.