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Earring Capsule 101

What's an Earring Capsule?
Inspired by the versatility of a capsule wardrobe, The Earring Capsule is a collection of interchangeable earring studs and jackets to mix, match and personalize. Each 4 piece capsule creates over 10 different looks.

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How to wear it:

1. Pick a stud
Wear the earring studs on their own or with jackets.
2. Add a jacket
Secure Earring Jackets to the lobe with studs. Wear them behind the lobe or in front.
3. Add more
Layer multiple jackets together.
4. Or less
5. Remix
Each piece in the Earring Capsule is designed to pair perfectly together so you can keep mixing and matching. See our Style Guide for more ideas to get inspired.